Xiahou Yuan
Xiahou Yuan
Character information
Force(s) : Cao Cao's Forces
Weapon : Battle Rod
Advanced + : Fury
Historical information
Real name : Xiàhóu Yuān
Chinese name : 夏侯渊 - 夏侯淵
Style name : Miàocái
Chinese name: 妙才
Born: ?
Died: 219

Xiahou Yuan is Cao Cao's and Xiahou Dun's cousin. He is one of Wei's accomplished generals and a candidate for the Five Generals of Wei. A master of the bow in his own right, he is generally considered to be Huang Zhong's rival. In the Dynasty Warriors series, he is 28 years old and his height is 183 cm (6').

General Information

While Serving Xiahou Yuan you will gain

Domestic Bonus - Technology + 10

Battle Bonus - Damage + 10


Not one for eloquence, Xiahou Yuan is a gruff yet practical man of war. Though dedicated to his family's vision, he is more social and loose than his older cousins, willing to crack affable jokes during battle. Always on the go, Xiahou Yuan thinks every battle as a step in Cao Cao's conquests and wants them to be done and over with as soon as possible. He has little tolerance for interruptions and is known to have a short fuse when the enemy gains the advantage. When off duty, he is actually a kind soul who doesn't stress too much over his losses. He is the one who offers an optimistic and friendly view to his brooding comrades within Wei. Occasionally, his softer side surfaces on the battlefield, as he remarks his reluctance to fight against women, children, or men with good character.

He admires Xiahou Dun and fondly calls him "Brother Dun" (惇兄). He shares his cousin's sense of loyalty and rudeness, as they can both be equally cold to their foes. He is also respected by Cao Cao as his lord addresses Xiahou Yuan by his style name. Xiahou Yuan is disturbed by Zhang He's eccentric traits and is the only officer in Wei to openly criticize his "weirdness". At the same time, however, he respects Zhang He's abilities and knows that he is still a valuable ally.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Xiahou Yuan was a bold general who joined Cao Cao after his escape from Dong Zhuo. He was made a commander after Cao Cao became Emperor Xian's minister.

Quest's Started By Xiahou Yuan

Destroy the Facility - 1 Player Quest

Capture the Messenger - 1 Player Quest

A Soldier Prizes Speed - 1 Player Quest

Training Within the Castle - 3 Player Quest

天の恵み - 2 Player Quest


Xiahou Yuan's Weapon of Choice is the Battle Rod