These Capes are acquired though promotion's, Events , or the itemmall. These capes are ONLY available for a limited time during event periods or by entering serial numbers for buying certain products. (Different servers have different promotions and release these Capes differently.)

These Capes are most likely to be released on the US server through AP Event's

(Currently none of these Capes are available in US server)

Event / Promotion Capes

These capes are mainly released only during Promotion periods. Players have to do Event Quest's during the Promotion period or buy a certain product (which tend to be in limited quantities) for serial numbers to get these capes.

Again how/if these Cape's will appear on the U.S Server is unknown

Red Cliff's Infernal White Feather
Rare3 Rare4 Rare5
+1 (+1 Speed/Jump) +1 +1 (+1 Speed/Jump)
Peacock Feather Cape of Honor Crimson Cape
Rare6 Rare 1 Rare2
+1 (+1 Speed/Jump) Event Only +3 Event Only +3
Fierce Tiger Cloak Fierce Tiger Wolf Cloak Nobunya Cape
Cape1 Black flame Nobunya cape

Tournament Cape

+2 (+1 Speed/Jump)

Tournament Cape

+2 (+1 Speed/Jump)

Event +1 (+5 Jump)

Antique Dealer / Event only Capes

The Cape's with a different diamond background, indicates that these capes are NOT tradeable in anyway.

(Player's cannot sell these Cape's to the Broker and cannot deliver the Cape's via Shipping Desk.)

Panda Shu Cloak of Bravery
Panda Shu
+1 (Attack/Defence/Damage) +1 (Attack/Defence/Damage)
Wei Cloak of Bravery Wu Cloak of Bravery
Wei Wu
+1 (Attack/Defence/Damage) +1 (Attack/Defence/Damage)