Below is all the Cape's Aquired during the Guan Du Scenario.

So far ONLY the +1 Cape's have appeared on the U.S server due to an AP promotion.

Cao Cao (Wei)

Heavenly Black Phoenix Silk Phoenix
Guan wei1 Guan wei2 Guan wei3
+1 +2 +3
Marine Blue Phoenix 青天鳳凰套
Guan wei4 Guan wei5 WEi Grey
+4 +5 Event Only +6

Sun Ce (Wu)

Crimson Flame Black Tiger Silk Tiger
Guan wu1 Guan wu2 Guan wu3
+1 +2 +3
Fiery Crimson Tiger 紅炎猛虎套
Guan wu4 Guan wu5 Guan wu0
+4 +5 Event Only +6

Liu Bei (Shu)

Wind Black Dragon Silk Dragon
Guan shu1 Guan shu2 Guan shu3
+1 +2 +3
Emerald Rising Dragon 翠風昇龍套
Guan shu4 Guan shu5 Guan shu0
+4 +5 Event Only +6

Yuan Shao

Celestial Black Bai Ze Silk Shiraswa
Guan ys1 Guan ys2 Guan ys3
+1 +2 +3
Golden Ochre Boar 黄星白沢套
Guan ys4 Guan ys 5 Guna ys0
+4 +5 Event Only +6

Lu Bu

Horizon Black Kirin Silk kirin
Guan dz1 Guan dz2 Guan dz3
+1 +2 +3
Azure Purple Kirin 紫雲麒麟套
Guan dz4 Guan dz5 Gunadz0
+4 +5 Event Only +6